The Warriors Tale

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A fun RPG for old-school lovers of the genre


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The Warrior's Tale is a role-playing game inspired by The Bard's Tale, a game of the same genre that made huge waves in 1985.

To start playing you'll need to create a group of characters that will accompany you throughout the story.

Choose among humans, elves, gnomes, wizards... up to six different types of characters and seven different races. Each one has its own characteristics, spells, and songs. Bring together your travel companions and start the adventure.

Your aim is to save the city of Hachen Dael; to do so you must destroy the demon Moloch, the source of all evil.

Along the way you'll meet all kinds of characters to fight, find items to pick up, and arrive in places to investigate.

To see the Help menu, press F1; to change from full screen to window and vice versa, F4; to exit, F7.